Organising your makes: Pinterest, Trello or Raindrop

The underlying buttons image is by flickr user bookalooka

I am a born planner and I love any tech tool that will help organise my projects. I’ve written this guide for people who want a tech solution to keep track of sewing plans and progress. This guide is to compare the merits of the free version of three apps/ websites: Pinterest, Trello and Raindrop (Spoiler alert – my new favourite app is Raindrop!) I’ve looked at the desktop versions here but they all have phone/ tablet apps too.

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Why your first machine can be second(hand): a guide for new sewists

Learning to sew your own clothes can be made extra-daunting by the huge variety of sewing machines out there. A brand-new machine that is decent quality will start at $200- $300 AUD. In order to get a better value machine (under $100), I’d recommend starting with a secondhand machine.

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From beach to bakery – finding the perfect swimwear coverup

It’s warming up in Perth, and I want to make a swimwear coverup for the days ahead at the beach or river. I don’t swim much but I’d like something that I can wade in, when chatting to my kids/ breaking up fights. Essential criteria are:

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