From beach to bakery – finding the perfect swimwear coverup

It’s warming up in Perth, and I want to make a swimwear coverup for the days ahead at the beach or river. I don’t swim much but I’d like something that I can wade in, when chatting to my kids/ breaking up fights. Essential criteria are:

  • Reasonable coverage around shoulders/ neck. Applying sunscreen is a pain. Sleeves would be a bonus.
  • Loose and airy but won’t feel swamped in fabric.
  • PDF but not free (I’ve looked at the free ones and they are a bit simpler than I would like)
  • No zips, preferably pullover
  • Above knee length.
  • Casual and comfy enough for the water, but can also stop at the shops on the way home without feeling uncovered

So far, these are the contenders.

  1. Bondi dress by Tessuti

This is such a lovely cut and would look gorgeous in linen as pictured here. My only concern would be the button at the back of the neck, and if this would make it hard to get on and off.

2. Felicia pinafore dress by Tessuti

Image result for tessuti felicia pinafore dress

With waist raised slightly, and hem raised a lot, this could be a contender. And I already own the pattern AND have printed it, which gives extra points.

3. Eucalypt tank dress by Megan Nielsen

Image result for eucalypt tank dress

Probably the quickest sew on this page. I love the subtle high/ low hem.

4. Charlie Caftan by Closet Case Patterns

Image result for charlie caftan

This is super cute. The gathered waistband would be comfy, and the all in one sleeve/ bodice is simple and stylish.

5. Sway dress by Papercut Patterns

I discovered this pattern last night, and I can’t get it off my mind. I love the simplicity, the fullness, the belt, the necklines – all of it!

So first choice for my summer dress is…

No. 5 – The sway dress by Papercut Patterns 😍

It means buying another pattern, but I think it’ll be perfect for my fabric – a beautiful linen gauze from Potter and Co.

I’d love to hear other people’s suggestions for dresses that can go from beach to bar/ bakery/ petrol bowser 😎

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