Organising your makes: Pinterest, Trello or Raindrop

The underlying buttons image is by flickr user bookalooka

I am a born planner and I love any tech tool that will help organise my projects. I’ve written this guide for people who want a tech solution to keep track of sewing plans and progress. This guide is to compare the merits of the free version of three apps/ websites: Pinterest, Trello and Raindrop (Spoiler alert – my new favourite app is Raindrop!) I’ve looked at the desktop versions here but they all have phone/ tablet apps too.

The most well known of these is Pinterest and it’s pretty simple to use. You can add images from anywhere on the internet, add your own pics or search Pinterest for pins that you can then repin to your own board. The pic below shows how from Pinterest user lovemadeblog has organised her sewing plans into boards that represent different categories of garments. You can also add a comment to your pins such as fabric suggestions so you can store notes with the pattern image.

Unfortunately, this is about the limit to what you can do with Pinterest when organising your makes. So let’s move on and look at one of my sewing Trello boards.

With Trello, you can add text ‘cards’ or images to lists within each board. It’s very easy to drag cards from one list to another, or change the order. So it makes it ideal to track a sewing project. It also contains lots of other cool features like being able to filter cards, add a checklist, due date or notes. Helen’s Closet has written a really good guide to using Trello to organise your sewing.

In my opinion Trello is brilliant with text, but has some drawbacks when all your cards are images. The first is that you are limited to about ten images on the screen at a time. After that you need to scroll through each individual list to see the images. The second drawback is that it’s a bit cumbersome to add images to a board. Possibly because of these reasons, I usually forget to visit my boards after I’ve created them!

So onto my new darling, the visual bookmarking system

There are a few different options for viewing your weblinks, but you’ll probably want to view them as cards or a moodboard if you have bookmarked sewing patterns. Like Trello, you can manually move the cards around to the order you like (e.g.the order you want to make them in).

My favourite feature is the ability to tag my links. Trello does something similar, but I think Raindrops suits my needs better. Have a look at the links I’ve chosen on the board below.

To add to your board, you’ll need to install the raindrop extension which will give you a button on your internet browser (circled in yellow in the screenshot below).

Then you can click the button whenever you see a pattern you want to add. In this example, I’ve added the Lark Tee to the Made It collection/ folder (as I’ve already made it!) For tags, I’ve added 2018 (the year I made it) and top (garment type).

I could also add S/S (spring/ summer) and A/W (Autumn/ Winter) tags, as this pattern has short and long sleeve options.

You organise your links into ‘collections‘ (similar to Trello boards). It’s easy to drag from one to the other. My collections are:

  • ‘made it’ – any pattern I’ve sewn, tagged with the year completed.
  • ‘wishlist’ – any pattern that I might make, one day. I’m not trying to make everything on this list though. If I do make something on my wishlist, then I drag the card to ‘made it’
  • ‘Inspiration’ – mostly RTW. At the moment it’s full of colour block dresses so I can see a range of seamlines for these dresses

Back to tags. They really come into their own when you want to search for a particular garment. In the screenshot below, you can see that I’ve gone into my wishlist collection, and searched for images tagged with s/s and dress. This will bring up any dress that I might want to make, that would be suitable for warm weather.

(n.b. you can search by tags in all views except Moodboard).

When you scroll to the end of your list, it also shows ‘Found in other collections’. This will show spring/ summer dresses that you’ve already made.

You can even share your collections with other people, and they can also search via tag (they don’t have to be signed up to Raindrop to view the board). You can see my Wishlist board here.

I hope this helps others who love to plan almost (or more) than they love to make. And I hope I get a few more people on Team – I think it’s criminally underused in the sewing community!

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